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AIRBFTsuspension 豪华气动避震品牌-官方网站

奔驰E气动避震改装案例 AIRBFT气动避震功能介绍



简介:AIRBFT气动避震网站介绍:奔驰E气动避震改装案例 AIRBFT气动避震功能介绍

AIRBFT气动避震网站介绍:奔驰E气动避震改装案例 AIRBFT气动避震功能介绍。最新款奔驰E级一改以往的商务模式,外观设计时尚有型,流线圆滑顺畅,动感效果极好,看不出一点的商务气息,今天我们来欣赏新款奔驰E改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂的低趴魅力。
Airbft pneumatic shock website introduction: Mercedes Benz e pneumatic shock modification case airbft pneumatic shock function introduction. The latest Mercedes Benz E-class has changed the previous business model, with fashionable and stylish appearance, smooth streamline, excellent dynamic effect and no business breath. Today, we are going to appreciate the low lying charm of the airbft pneumatic suspension modified by the new Mercedes Benz E-class.

At present, airbft pneumatic shock absorber is mainly composed of 2020 three-stage memory suspension kit, complete with mute air pump, 3-gallon aluminum alloy torpedo gas tank and automatic drainage, etc. the whole set of accessories promise lifetime warranty (except for secondary installation), quality assurance!
Airbft pneumatic shock absorption function introduction:
1. Four wheel independent lifting, front and back independent lifting, overall lowering, adjustable cylinder pressure, air pump working setting;
2. Three stage memory setting, remote control of mobile app, automatic ignition rising, automatic low lying after flameout, support Chinese, English and other language interfaces.
3. Taiwan genuine 32 segment damping soft and hard adjustable shock absorber.
4. Adopt V360 high power ultra quiet air pump to charge faster and quieter.
5. With airbft special air bag, the comfort and handling reach the best effect of the same level.
6. With LCD digital air pressure display, the car is installed without damage, and the pressure of four airbags and gas cylinders is monitored at any time, which is safer.
7. With high-precision integrated solenoid valve group, five high-precision air pressure sensors and ECU computer module, it is easy to install and use!

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