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Airbft pneumatic shock absorption website: Nissan Xuanyi refits the special shock absorption barrel body of pneumatic shock absorption suspension. Airbft specializes in the production of pneumatic shock absorption suspension. All kinds of models of pneumatic shock absorption are available in stock. New models can be developed and customized. Today, we share the special shock absorption barrel body of Nissan Xuanyi, which is authentic in Taiwan. Quality assurance!

“轩逸”具有个性典雅、从内到外无处不在的S动态曲线设计,由MR20DE发动机与日产第三代XTRONICCVT无级变速器完美组合所带来的平滑驾驶感受和低油耗,还有着极为舒适便捷的“现代家居般”内部空间——包括长达2.7米的轴距,多达680毫米的后排腿部空间。该车不仅展现出一种“艺术品”式的风范和未来车型的设计理念,同时也强调和突出了人车交流的感受性,从某种意义上说它代表的是今后中高级市场上新车型的发展趋势;加之此番“轩逸”新车配置和价格的吸引力,将给中高级车市带来较大的影响。 “轩逸”的配置和定价都建立在用户需求的前提之上,对它的市场前景,东风日产也十分看好。任勇表示:“目前,中高级车市场细分已非常明显,消费环境更加成熟。消费者对车型的个性化、功能性、市场认知度等各方面都有所要求。越来越多的中高级车用户开始注重品位的追求、愉悦身心和享受生活,而‘轩逸’正是满足这一群体需求的新一代标杆车型。”
"Xuanyi" has elegant personality, s-dynamic curve design from inside to outside, smooth driving experience and low fuel consumption brought by the perfect combination of mr20de engine and Nissan's third generation xtroniccvt continuously variable transmission, as well as extremely comfortable and convenient "modern home like" interior space, including 2.7m wheelbase and 680mm rear legroom. The car not only shows a kind of "art" style and the design concept of future models, but also emphasizes and highlights the feeling of people car communication. In a sense, it represents the development trend of new models in the future high-end market. In addition, the attraction of the configuration and price of this "Xuanyi" new car will have a greater impact on the high-end car market. "Xuanyi" configuration and pricing are based on the premise of user demand, for its market prospects, Dongfeng Nissan is also very optimistic. Ren Yong said: "at present, the market segmentation of medium and high-grade cars is very obvious, and the consumption environment is more mature. Consumers have requirements for the personalization, functionality, market awareness and other aspects of the model. More and more high-end car users begin to pay attention to the pursuit of taste, physical and mental pleasure and enjoy life, and "Xuanyi" is a new generation of benchmark models to meet the needs of this group.

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