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"Go your own way" Volkswagen Golf 7 is the charm of refitting pneumatic shock absorber. The simple point of pneumatic suspension is to replace the spring with rubber airbag to filter the vibration of the car. Because the air bag can be compressed and inflated, the height of the vehicle chassis can be changed to control the height of the body. It is used in the refitting industry to refit low lying vehicles, and the effect is very good. Today, let's enjoy the beauty of Volkswagen Golf 7 modified airbft pneumatic suspension!

This is a golf modification case from South Korea. A simple set of pneumatic suspension modification has shown a beautiful effect. Golf in China is also a very popular modified model, posture modification cases are very many, there are wide body, change angle play limit low prone, but I personally think it is still simple, plain face low lying is more beautiful!

大众高尔夫(Golf)是一款由一汽-大众在1974年推出的经典掀背/小型家用车型。已经在全球市场推出了七代,是大众汽车公司生产最多的品种,也是大众最畅销的车型。在全球畅销车型中位列第三,到2007年总产量已经超过了2500万辆。 作为全世界最成功的车型之一,高尔夫问世45年,在全球拥有超过2600万用户。经历了六代革新,每一代高尔夫的独特创新,都引领着汽车界的时尚风潮,并一次次成为德系车严谨态度与追求品质完美的代表作。在中国上市刚过半年的高尔夫也打破了人们对紧凑型两厢车的固有看法,不但一直在市场中延续着旺销热度,甚至出现了一车难求的抢购场面,究其原因,其突出的产品价值早已决定了火爆的市场表现。
The golf is a classic hatchback / small family car launched by FAW Volkswagen in 1974. It has launched seven generations in the global market, which is the most produced variety of Volkswagen and the best-selling model of Volkswagen. It is the third best-selling model in the world, and the total production has exceeded 25 million by 2007. As one of the most successful models in the world, golf has been around for 45 years and has more than 26 million users worldwide. After six generations of innovation, the unique innovation of each generation of golf has led the fashion trend in the automotive industry, and has become the representative of German cars' rigorous attitude and pursuit of perfect quality. Golf, which has just been listed in China for half a year, has also broken people's inherent view on compact hatchback. It has not only continued to sell well in the market, but even appeared a rush to buy a car. The reason is that its outstanding product value has already determined the hot market performance.
Airbft pneumatic shock absorbers website sends inward: "go your own way" popular golf 7 pneumatic shock absorbers refitting charm, like golf players can pay attention to us, more wonderful modification cases to share with you!

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