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【韩国案例】劳恩斯G70改装气动避震悬挂 AIRBFT打造姿态魅力


服务内容:【韩国案例】劳恩斯G70改装气动避震悬挂 AIRBFT打造姿态魅力

简介:【韩国案例】劳恩斯G70改装气动避震悬挂 AIRBFT打造姿态魅力

【韩国案例】劳恩斯G70改装气动避震悬挂 AIRBFT打造姿态魅力,劳恩斯是现代汽车旗下的一个高端品牌,为了和德系和日系高端品牌车型竞争,花巨资进行进行品牌研发,虽在在国内劳恩斯车型没有受到玩家的认可,但是在国外劳恩斯的销量还是可以的,特别是韩国本土,玩的人还是很多的,今天我们分享的这台劳恩斯G70,就是来自韩国AIRBFT气动避震代理分享的改装案例,一起欣赏G70改装AIRBFT气动避震的姿态魅力!
[Korean case] modification of lounes G70 pneumatic suspension Airbft is a high-end brand of Hyundai. In order to compete with German and Japanese high-end brands, lounes spent a lot of money on brand research and development. Although the lounes model is not recognized by the players in China, it can still sell well abroad, especially in South Korea, where there are many people to play. Let's share today This lawns G70 is a refitting case shared by South Korean airbft pneumatic shock absorbers. Let's enjoy the posture charm of G70 refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorbers!

Rohens is the first high-end brand of Hyundai. It has broken the structure of front engine and front wheel drive which has lasted for more than 20 years. It adopts the rear wheel drive mode, and achieves the most ideal weight distribution of the front and rear axle load ratio, so as to achieve the minimum turning radius and mobility. In the interior style - atmosphere; in the interior workmanship - delicate; in the interior details - noble. And black, brown, rice three interior colors are also very beautiful. In space, in addition to the head space is general, shoulder and leg space are very spacious. After the sound of the full door closing, in the cabin of lounes, before the lexicon sound, silence is a feature that has to be mentioned. More than 275 feet of structural adhesive is used in the overall body of lounes. Six layers of shock absorbers are used in the roof panel and interior floor. Sound insulation materials are filled in some gaps of the vehicle pillars. Laminated glass is used in the windshield and door. It can be said that lawns has exhausted all possible methods in terms of sound insulation.
The workmanship and configuration of lounes have undoubtedly reached the international luxury car standard, but the brand still limits its development, and its cost performance is absolutely first-class!
Pay attention to airbft pneumatic shock absorbers website, and share with you the wonderful refitting cases every day!

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