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AIRBFTsuspension 豪华气动避震品牌-官方网站

【精品案例】奔驰GLC改装AIRBFT气动避震姿态 马来西亚代理分享



简介:【精品案例】奔驰GLC改装AIRBFT气动避震姿态 马来西亚代理分享

AIRBFT气动避震官网分享:【精品案例】奔驰GLC改装AIRBFT气动避震姿态 马来西亚代理分享,AIRBFT气动避震网站每日分享各种车型气动避震改装案例,国内专业的气动避震改装工厂认准AIRBFT,一起来欣赏马来西亚代理分享的奔驰GLC改装气动避震的姿态魅力!
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber official website share: [boutique case] Mercedes Benz glcamg modified airbft pneumatic shock absorber attitude is shared by Malaysia agent. Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website shares various types of aerodynamic shock absorber modification cases every day. Domestic professional pneumatic shock absorber modification factories recognize airbft. Let's enjoy the charm of Mercedes Benz GLC modified pneumatic shock absorbers shared by Malaysian agents!

Function introduction of airbft-v4-p3 system:
1: Four wheel independent lifting, front and rear independent lifting, one key lowering;
2: The pressure of the air tank is adjustable and the air pump is on / off
3: Three section air pressure memory, remote control of mobile app
4: It can automatically raise the ignition and lower the engine when it is off. It supports many languages such as Chinese and English
5: The remote control panel is equipped with LCD, which mainly displays the 4-wheel air pressure value and gas cylinder pressure value
6: The latest v4-3h system is under development and is expected to be launched in early 2021. More functions are expected!

The design of trunk hard connection modeling, simple personality, fashionable feeling, refitting pneumatic shock absorber suspension, an enviable trunk design is absolutely eye-catching, but you must find a refitting shop with rich installation experience to construct, otherwise your money may feel very worthless

越野动画格外吸引人:诸如坡度、转向角、前进方向、侧倾角以及加油尺度、刹车程度等参数全都实时动态地显示在中央显示器上,使得中控台显得干净整洁,而高度上降低了50毫米, GLC有较为丰富的舒适性和安全性配置,特别是个性化设置能最大限度地满足驾驶者需求。
峰值扭矩分别为300牛米(GLC 200 4MATIC)、350牛米(GLC 260 4MATIC)和370牛米(GLC 300 4MATIC),通过中控台上的集成旋钮调节,优美的车顶轮廓线。
感谢马来西亚代理分享的奔驰GLC改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂的姿态案例,感谢每一位车友对AIRBFT气动悬挂的支持和认可, 我们会越做越好,给玩家提供更好的产品!
In essence, Mercedes Benz GLC can be regarded as a car running version of GLK. The biggest reason why Benz GLC will not come out until 2016 is that Benz GLC will be developed based on the new generation of GLK, which will bring more platform advantages to Benz GLC, such as lighter vehicle weight, more modular components, etc., so as to save the cost of model development. In addition, Mercedes Benz GLC will provide 4matic four-wheel drive mode.
The off-road animation is particularly attractive: parameters such as slope, steering angle, forward direction, roll angle, refueling scale, braking degree and other parameters are dynamically displayed on the central display, which makes the center console clean and tidy, and reduces the height by 50 mm, It has more comfortable and personalized settings, especially GLC, which can meet the maximum requirements of drivers.
The peak torque is 300 nm (GLC 200 4matic), 350 nm (GLC 260 4matic) and 370 nm (GLC 300 4matic), which are adjusted by the integrated knob on the center console, and the beautiful roof contour line is achieved.
Thank the Malaysian agent for sharing the attitude case of Mercedes Benz GLC refitting airbft pneumatic suspension, and thank every car friend for their support and recognition of airbft pneumatic suspension. We will do better and better and provide better products for players!

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