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The development team of lounes project is designed based on Mercedes Benz e-series, BMW 5-series and lexusgs series. Although lounes has many traces of learning from luxury car brands, it seems that the overall integration is very good. The overall streamlined design is quite similar to lexusgs, and the wide tires have a stronger feeling. It's powerful. In luxury cars, the steering follow-up lights are also fully reflected on lawns. The earliest application of car follow-up steering technology is Citroen. This configuration has now become a must in luxury cars. It can give the driver better vision, and the light in the car is also moving with the rotation of the car. The sharp lights are aggressive and full of domineering and sharp. This is what lounes wants to lead the luxury car. The front air barrier looks very familiar, because it is based on the design concept of Mercedes Benz, so it feels like Mercedes Benz is in front of us. Silver shows an unusual identity, but also shows elegance and elegance. In the design, the designer has exhausted his brain power. With ten air inlets, the inclined downward intake will be more smooth, and the large mouth can absorb more air.
Function introduction of airbft-v4-p3 system:
1: Four wheel independent lifting, front and rear independent lifting, one key lowering;
2: The pressure of the air tank is adjustable and the air pump is on / off
3: Three section air pressure memory, remote control of mobile app
4: It can automatically raise the ignition and lower the engine when it is off. It supports many languages such as Chinese and English
5: The remote control panel is equipped with LCD, which mainly displays the 4-wheel air pressure value and gas cylinder pressure value
6: The latest v4-3h system is under development and is expected to be launched in early 2021. More functions are expected!
This is the case to share with you today. Appreciation of low attitude of lounes BH modified air suspension, and more cases of low attitude air suspension modification of more models, please pay attention to us and share with you daily!

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