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AIRBFTsuspension 豪华气动避震品牌-官方网站

【AIRBFT】十代思域改装空气避震悬挂姿态案例 天津狂飙改装分享



简介:【AIRBFT】十代思域改装空气避震悬挂姿态案例 天津狂飙改装分享

AIRBFT气动避震网站更新:【AIRBFT】十代思域改装空气避震悬挂姿态案例 天津狂飙改装分享,AIRBFT气动避震每日更新各种车型改装气动避震案例,今日更新本田思域改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂的姿态案例,一起鉴赏本田思域改装气动避震低姿态的魅力!
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website update: [airbft] ten generation Civic air shock Suspension Suspension posture case, Tianjin hurricane refit to share, airbft pneumatic shock absorbers update every day various models refit aerodynamic shock absorber cases, today update Honda Civic modified airbft pneumatic suspension posture case, appreciate the charm of Honda Civic modified pneumatic shock absorber low attitude!


The best experience of ten generations of civic for players is the design, which is full of sports atmosphere. Without this design, I don't think many people will pay the bill. This sports and fashionable appearance makes civic's posture modification become popular. In recent years, civic's cases should be popular. The effect is really beautiful!
The ten generation Civic has become the most popular car in China recently. Especially the netizen's saying "no more than C63 seconds, what kind of civic do you want to buy?" has quickly become a hot topic, pushing the "civic blowing" movement to a climax. This also starts with the ten generations of civic engines: the early civic was equipped with Honda's R18 engine, which has been following civic for ten years and was once a representative of efficient power. However, no matter how good the engine is, it still can't keep up with the trend. By the 10th generation Civic, the classic R18 engine has finally been replaced by a brand-new 1.5T engine with the model of l15b8. The maximum power is 130kW and the maximum torque is 220nm. Moreover, after the power is improved, the oil demand does not follow the increase. It can be met by adding 92 oil, but the 1.5T engine is also added with direct injection technology, which will slightly increase the maintenance cost.

AIRBFT 液晶遥控器*1个
AIRBFT 遥控器线束*1组
AIRBFT 静音打气泵*2台(V360)
AIRBFT 水雾分离器*2个
AIRBFT 铝合金无缝气瓶*1个(5加仑)
AIRBFT 全车高压气管*1盘(20米)
AIRBFT 整车接头*1套
AIRBFT 专用电源线*1根
AIRBFT 气动避震桶身*1套
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber kit list:
Airbft ECU valve body * 1 piece
Airbft LCD remote controller * 1
Airbft remote control harness * 1 group
Airbft silent pump * 2 sets (V360)
2 airbft water mist separators
Airbft aluminum alloy seamless gas cylinder * 1 (5 Gal)
Airbft whole vehicle high pressure air pipe * 1 disc (20m)
Airbft vehicle connector * 1 set
1 dedicated power cord for airbft
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber barrel * 1 set
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber parts manufacturers promise that without secondary disassembly and assembly, life-long quality, high-end quality, people-friendly price!
The above are ten generations of civic retrofit pneumatic shock absorber cases shared by airbft pneumatic shock absorbers website. More wonderful cases are appreciated. Pay attention to the official website of airbft, and update and release the latest retrofit cases every day!

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