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【韩国案例】克莱斯勒300C改装气动避震悬挂低姿态 不拘小节



简介:【韩国案例】克莱斯勒300C改装气动避震悬挂低姿态 不拘小节

AIRBFT气动避震案例分享:【韩国案例】克莱斯勒300C改装气动避震悬挂低姿态 不拘小节,今天我们分享克莱斯勒300C改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂的案例,韩国AIRBFT气动避震代理施工,精彩姿态开始鉴赏!
Case sharing of airbft pneumatic shock absorber: [Korean case] Chrysler 300C refitting pneumatic shock absorber suspension is not limited to small details. Today, we share the case of Chrysler 300C refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorber suspension, and the construction of airbft pneumatic shock absorber agent in South Korea, the wonderful posture begins to appreciate!

Airbft pneumatic shock absorber barrel body is processed and produced by Taiwan shock absorber factory. China airbft pneumatic shock absorber operation center provides the most accurate installation position data. After measuring and customizing the pneumatic shock absorption data, the special vehicle is 100% guaranteed. Each model of airbft pneumatic shock absorber is strictly tested and adjusted. Accurate installation position and perfect comfort make players pursue the limit At the same time, you can feel extraordinary comfort and control. Airbft in 2020, the new nitrogen version of the shock barrel body, after testing and adjusting, can achieve better results, lower posture, better control, and provide better modification experience for players!
The brand-new imported Chrysler 300C dares to draw a line with most luxury cars in the market, and deduces the new American luxury style to the extreme, with high first-hand recognition.
以上是今天AIRBFT分享的【韩国案例】克莱斯勒300C改装气动避震悬挂低姿态 不拘小节的案例介绍,更多详情和车型改装动态关注airbft网站,每天更新不同车型案例!
The above is the [Korean case] shared by airbft today. For more details and model modification dynamics, please pay attention to airbft website and update the cases of different models every day!

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