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【AIRBFT】2020款大众CC改装气动避震低趴案例 韩国代理分享



简介:【AIRBFT】2020款大众CC改装气动避震低趴案例 韩国代理分享

【AIRBFT】2020款大众CC改装气动避震低趴案例 韩国代理分享,一起来鉴赏韩国AIRBFT代理分享的新款大众CC气动避震低姿态改装案例!
[airbft] 2020 Volkswagen CC retrofit pneumatic shock avoidance low profile case Korea agent share, together appreciate the new Volkswagen CC aerodynamic shock avoidance low attitude modification case shared by the Korean airbft agent!

AIRBFT 液晶遥控器*1个
AIRBFT 遥控器线束*1组
AIRBFT 静音打气泵*1台(V360)
AIRBFT 水雾分离器*1个
AIRBFT 铝合金无缝气瓶*1个(3加仑)
AIRBFT 全车高压气管*1盘(20米)
AIRBFT 整车接头*1套
AIRBFT 专用电源线*1根
AIRBFT 气动避震桶身*1套
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber kit list:
Airbft ECU valve body * 1 piece
Airbft LCD remote controller * 1
Airbft remote control harness * 1 group
Airbft silent pump * 1 set (V360)
Airbft water mist separator * 1
Airbft aluminum alloy seamless gas cylinder * 1 (3 Gal)
Airbft whole vehicle high pressure air pipe * 1 disc (20m)
Airbft vehicle connector * 1 set
1 dedicated power cord for airbft
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber barrel * 1 set
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber parts manufacturers promise that without secondary disassembly and assembly, life-long quality, high-end quality, people-friendly price!

全新一代CC诞生于大众模块化横置平台MQB B平台,其前部横置发动机给前后桥之间的留出了更大空间,并能在缩短前悬的情况下保证更长的轴距。车身尺寸为4,864(4,862)*1,870*1,447mm,轴距为2,841mm。全系标配LED车灯,LED前大灯搭载的动态灯光辅助和AFS大灯随动转向功能,还配备了角灯和坏天气灯,在车辆转弯时提供拐角照明。尾部全LED尾灯增加了动态转向功能。尾灯内部设计L的造型,布置在灯的边缘位置,侧面设计条状翅膀造型。同时还采用了贯穿式LED刹车灯设计。 
The new generation of CC was born on the Volkswagen modular transverse platform MQB B B platform. Its front transverse engine leaves more space between the front and rear axles, and ensures a longer wheelbase while shortening the front suspension. The body size is 4864 (4862) * 1870 * 1447mm, and the wheelbase is 2841mm. The whole series is equipped with LED lights as standard. The dynamic light assistance and AFS headlamp follow-up steering function of LED headlamp are equipped. Corner lights and bad weather lights are also equipped to provide corner lighting when the vehicle is turning. The rear full LED tail lamp adds dynamic steering function. The interior design of tail lamp is L shape, which is arranged at the edge of the lamp, and the side is designed with strip wings. At the same time, it also adopts the design of through LED brake light.
In addition, it also optimized and upgraded four door keyless entry system, Boot Foot inductive opening and closing function, electric openable skylight, front row ventilation and driver massage seat, Nappa top perforated leather seat, Dynaudio Dana advanced surround sound, pure aluminum and pure carbon fiber interior decoration, intelligent three zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning, and multi-function leather heating Steering wheel, coating heating front windshield glass, noise reduction and mute, 24 interior atmosphere lights, etc.

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