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【AIRBFT】宝马E46M3改装气动避震悬挂 韩国代理案例分享



简介:【AIRBFT】宝马E46M3改装气动避震悬挂 韩国代理案例分享

【AIRBFT】宝马E46M3改装气动避震悬挂 韩国代理案例分享,宝马E46经典的宝马3系,在国内现在还在玩的都是一些痴迷的玩家,今天我们看到的这个案例是AIRBFT韩国代理施工一辆宝马E46,安装AIRBFT气动悬挂套件,经典姿态鉴赏一眼!
[airbft] the Korean agent case of BMW e46m3 refitting pneumatic suspension is shared. The classic BMW 3 series of BMW E46 is still playing in China. All the players who are still playing are some obsessed players. The case we see today is that the Korean agent of airbft builds a BMW E46, installs airbft pneumatic suspension Kit, and appreciates the classic posture!

Pneumatic shock absorber low attitude refitting is now a trend of refitting culture. In every country in the world, there is a low lying group to guide the development of this culture. At the present refitting exhibition, the pneumatic shock absorber low posture model is already an essential element style, which shows that this charm is really attractive!


New airbft three segment memory version control:
1: Main functions: four wheel independent lifting, front and rear independent lifting and overall descending; adjustable air tank pressure, working setting of air pump, three segment memory, remote control of mobile phone app, automatic ignition rise, automatic low prone after flameout, supporting multiple languages such as Chinese and English. The remote control panel is equipped with LCD display screen, which mainly displays 4 rounds of air bag pressure value and cylinder pressure value, so as to feel and receive gas more safely Dynamic shock absorber culture brings you car fun.
2: Taiwan genuine 32 segment damping soft and hard adjustable shock absorber.
3: Using V360 high-power ultra quiet pump to charge faster and quieter.
4: With airbft special leather bag, both the handling performance and comfort performance have reached the best effect of the same level.
5: Solenoid valve group: the surface of the new valve body adopts wire drawing treatment, which improves the overall texture of the product.
6: Installation problem: the installation is simple and convenient, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.
7: Product advantages: easy to use with any shock absorber, high versatility, can be combined with any combination, convenient to make a beautiful trunk shape.
【AIRBFT】宝马E46M3改装气动避震悬挂 韩国代理案例分享,更多精彩改装案例关注我们,精彩不断分享!

[airbft] BMW e46m3 refitting pneumatic shock absorber suspension Korean agent case sharing, more wonderful refitting cases pay attention to us, wonderful continue to share!

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