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Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website released: [case appreciation] Dodge Challenger refits airbft pneumatic shock absorber perfect posture, Dodge Challenger's Orthodox American muscle car, many men's pursuit, compared with comalo and Mustang. Challengers are more masculine, but today we share another style of challengers, Drunken Beauty and low lying wind, showing different charm in different styles! Let's enjoy the case of Challenger refitting pneumatic shock absorber!


In today's fashion world, retro fashion is in vogue. As one of the fashion industry's favorite cars, of course, is no exception. Various car manufacturers have also let the past classic products reappear in the car industry under the new generation of technology, among which the Chevrolet komaro and the Dodge Challenger are the representatives. After the concept version of komaro appeared in the 2007 film "Transformers 1" and caused great repercussions, dodge also took the lead in the Chicago motor show and released the mass production model of its classic challenger SRT8 。
The above is the introduction of Dodge Challenger refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorbers. More wonderful cases can be appreciated and collected from our website to share the highlights of refitting every day!

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