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Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website shares [boutique case] Tesla Model3 refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorber suspension is performed in a low attitude. In 2019, Tesla modei3 was officially launched in China. As a leading brand of electric vehicles, Tesla's design is absolutely in the leading position in the world. Today, let's enjoy the charm of low-profile modification of Tesla Model3, which is absolutely eye-catching!

This Tesla Model 3 has such a beautiful posture because of the modified airbft pneumatic suspension kit. As one of the most popular posture modification styles in the world, a good suspension kit is very important. Airbft has a good reputation and reputation in China and even in the world, with excellent quality!

2015年10月,特斯拉boss马斯克在twitter发文,声称Model 3即将在中国和欧洲设立工厂,并且Model 3还将有“Crossover”版本Model Y(类似小型SUV)。
2017年4月,特斯拉表示,将在2017年7月实现Model 3的量产,并于2017年9月份达到“规模性量产”的级别。 
截至2018年5月28日,Model 3生产线的日产量可达500辆。该款车型只在美国和加拿大实现交付,特斯拉推迟Model 3的欧亚洲交付时间至2019年。不过,由于欧洲进口商开始席卷美国二手车市场,所以这款在美国畅销的车型其实已能够在欧洲灰色市场上买到。 
2018年7月1日,特斯拉CEO埃隆·马斯克表示,公司实现每周5000辆Model 3的生产目标。 
2019年5月28日,特斯拉官方微博发布消息称,国产Model 3于本周五(5月31日)正式宣布开放预订,同时上线预定价格开启竞猜活动。
2019年11月18日,特斯拉宣布标配基础版辅助驾驶功能的Model 3标准续航升级版(中国制造)车型将陆续在全国各地到店,11月22日起,消费者可前往各地特斯拉体验中心进行咨询或体验。
In October 2015, Tesla boss musk tweeted that model 3 was about to set up factories in China and Europe, and model 3 would also have a "crossover" version of model y (similar to a small SUV).
In April 2017, Tesla said that it would realize mass production of model 3 in July 2017 and reach the level of "mass production of scale" in September 2017.
In July 2017, Tesla announced that the Tesla Model 3 had met all pre production testing standards, two weeks ahead of schedule. The first 30 model 3 vehicles will be delivered to customers at a ceremony on July 28, 2017.
In July 2017, Tesla planned to deliver the model in Europe in the second half of 2018, but its capacity expansion target was delayed by about six months.
As of May 28, 2018, the model 3 production line has a daily production capacity of 500 vehicles. The model will only be delivered in the United States and Canada, and Tesla has postponed the European Asian delivery of the model 3 to 2019. However, as European importers began to sweep the used car market in the United States, the best-selling model in the United States can actually be bought on the gray market in Europe.
On July 1, 2018, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company achieved its production target of 5000 model 3 vehicles per week.
On May 28, 2019, Tesla's official microblog announced that the domestic model 3 officially announced the opening of booking on Friday (May 31), and the online booking price was launched to start the guessing activity.
On November 18, 2019, Tesla announced that the model 3 standard endurance upgrade (made in China) models with standard basic auxiliary driving function will arrive in stores all over the country. From November 22, consumers can go to Tesla experience centers around the country for consultation or experience
These are the excellent cases that we share today. Tesla Model3 modified AIRBFT pneumatic shock absorber suspension and low profile and indulgence interpretation case, more exciting vehicle models concern WeChat official account: AIRBFT pneumatic shock absorber.

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