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Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website share: [refit boutique] BMW 3-Series G28 refits airbft pneumatic shock absorber with low attitude. Many people think that the latest BMW 3-Series G28 is not as pure as F35, because it compromises too much for comfort; others think that this generation of 3-Series is better open and more in line with the needs of the public. However, the appearance and appearance of the latest BMW 3 series has been unanimously recognized by all. The body proportion is very harmonious. It is not only young and fashionable, but also full of sportiness, which is irresistible to young people. Can't wait to pick up the car. As soon as the new car arrives, we immediately start to refit it. Let's have a look at the charm of the new 3-Series modified airbft pneumatic suspension!

Introduction to airbft culture:
Airbft is a pneumatic shock absorber brand founded in Shanghai in 2010. It is founded by a group of young people who love refitting for their dream of refitting. In order to promote the development of domestic refitting industry, more funds and time have been invested in the research and development of pneumatic suspension in the past 10 years to bring better and more stable products for domestic players. After years of development, the current airbft pneumatic special barrel body is manufactured by Taiwan factory. It has better comfort and control, precise installation position and super large lifting stroke, which meets the needs of domestic players. Various types of shock absorbers have a large number of stock in the domestic warehouse, timely delivery, first-class after-sales service! The airbft control system has been launched, including four-wheel independent basic version, three-stage pneumatic memory version and three-stage high-level memory version. In the future, more functional versions will be launched according to market demand, which will bring better modified products for domestic players without increasing player costs.
Airbft pneumatic shock absorber website share [refit boutique] BMW 3 series G28 refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorber low attitude appreciation. Welcome to pay attention to our website, and share wonderful refitting cases with you every day!

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