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【改装鉴赏】现代伊兰特气动避震低姿态改装案例 液晶遥控升降



简介:【改装鉴赏】现代伊兰特气动避震低姿态改装案例 液晶遥控升降

【改装鉴赏】现代伊兰特气动避震低姿态改装案例 液晶遥控升降,AIRBFT气动避震网站每日分享精彩的改装车型案例,今天我们一起来欣赏一下韩国AIRBFT代理反馈的现代伊兰特改装AIRBFT气动避震低趴案例。安装AIRBFT气动避震2020款气动套件,三段记忆功能,手机app遥控升降,着车自动升高,熄火自动低趴,提升你的爱车魅力!
[modification appreciation] modern Elantra's low attitude modification case of pneumatic shock, LCD remote control lifting, airbft's pneumatic shock website shares wonderful cases of modified models every day. Today, let's enjoy the case of modern Elantra's modification of airbft's low lying pneumatic shock reported by Korean airbft agent. Install 2020 airbft pneumatic shock absorber pneumatic kit, three-stage memory function, mobile app remote control lifting, automatic lifting when landing, automatic low lying when flameout, enhance your car charm!

The refitting of automobile chassis now accounts for a large proportion in the refitting industry. The chassis system of the original car can't meet the needs of the players now, so the refitting is imperative. In the past few years, the refitting of twisted teeth for shock absorption was the mainstream choice of the players, which not only reduced the body's beauty, but also improved the vehicle's control. However, the hardness is not acceptable to the general people, and the rotten road is even more painful for the twisted teeth party With the emergence of dynamic shock absorbers, the players who play with twisted teeth have seen a new dawn. The low lying effect when parking and the car body can be raised when driving. It's really cool to lift and lower at will. If adjusted well, the comfort is better than the twisted teeth. Now it has become a trend of chassis suspension modification. If the stability and comfort are better, it will certainly become the most popular modification project in the future!
Pneumatic shock modification focuses on airbft pneumatic shock website, professional service of the manufacturer, to give you a professional modification guarantee!

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