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【低趴案例】尼桑GTR35改装AIRBFT气动避震 战神的姿态魅力



简介:【低趴案例】尼桑GTR35改装AIRBFT气动避震 战神的姿态魅力

AIRBFT气动避震网站分享:【低趴案例】尼桑GTR35改装AIRBFT气动避震 战神的姿态魅力。低趴改装适合任何的车型,所谓一低遮百丑,即便一台高性能跑车,也需要一个迷人的姿态来衬托它的不凡,日产GTR是每个车友心中的战神级跑车,拥有它绝对是每个男人的梦想,今天我们来分享的是GTR改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂,低趴改装的姿态魅力!
Airbft pneumatic shock website share: [low lying case] Nissan gtr35 refits the posture charm of airbft pneumatic shock God. Low lying refitting is suitable for any model, the so-called "one low covering one hundred ugliness". Even a high-performance sports car needs a charming posture to set off its extraordinary. Nissan GTR is the God of war sports car in the hearts of every car user, and it is absolutely every man's dream to own it. Today we share the charm of GTR refitting airbft pneumatic suspension and low lying refitting posture!

R35 GT-R历经2001 GT-R Concept、2005GT-R PROTOConcept两代概念车,参考历代GT-R造型之精髓,融入科幻般前卫的新元素,创造了自成一派的新形象;在美学上也成为经典,脱离了以往的房车形象。  Skyline车系的名称对于钟情于性能车的玩家们来说可谓是如雷贯耳,而车系中的性能版本GT-R更是任何一个性能迷做梦也想得到的“神物”!不要说统帅所有日系性能车的BNR34,就连已经有10余年历史的BNR32还是各国车迷争相抢购的对象。相信国内喜欢GT-R车系的朋友不在少数,GT-R系列一直是以Skyline的高性能版本为依托,所以了解GT-R就要从Skyline车系的诞生开始。
R35 GT-R has gone through two generations of concept cars: 2001 GT-R concept and 2005 GT-R protoconcept. With reference to the essence of GT-R modeling of previous generations, R35 GT-R integrates the new elements of science fiction like avant-garde, creating a new image of its own school. It has also become a classic in aesthetics, breaking away from the previous image of RV. The name of the skyline car series is very popular for the players who love performance cars, and the performance version GT-R in the car series is a "miracle" that any personality can dream of! Not to mention the commander-in-chief of all Japanese performance vehicles bnr34, even BNR32, which has a history of more than 10 years, is still the target of car fans from all over the world. I believe that there are not a few domestic friends who like GT-R car series. GT-R series has always been based on Skyline's high-performance version, so understanding GT-R will start from the birth of skyline car series.

The barrel body of airbft pneumatic shock absorber is processed and manufactured by Taiwan shock factory. The China airbft pneumatic shock absorber operation center provides the most accurate installation position data. After measuring and customizing the special version of the shock absorber data, the special vehicle is guaranteed to be dedicated. Each model of airbft pneumatic shock absorber has been strictly tested and adjusted, with accurate installation position and perfect comfort, so that players can pursue the limit The posture at the same time feels unusual comfort and control. In 2020, the new nitrogen version of the shock tank body launched by airbft can achieve better results, lower posture, better control and provide better refitting experience for the players after actual measurement and adjustment!

In the history of human automobile, as long as it can be called GT, it must not be a vulgar generation. In 1957, skyline was born in a car factory called "Prince". Due to the poor operation of the car factory, it was acquired by Nissan in 1969. In order to compete with other leading automakers such as Toyota, Nissan needs several models with the same outstanding appearance and performance to enhance its brand value and market share. As a result, models such as skyline and Silvia, which have been put on hold since the restructuring, have been officially approved for production. The road to glory of GT-R series begins here.
以上是AIRBFT网站分享的【低趴案例】尼桑GTR35改装AIRBFT气动避震 战神的姿态魅力的改装资讯,更多精彩案例和改装知识关注我们!
The above is the refitting information of the posture charm of the airbft aerodynamic shock absorber ares refitted by the Nissan gtr35 shared by the airbft website. More wonderful cases and refitting knowledge pay attention to us!

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