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【案例】宝马G30改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂案例 韩国代理分享



简介:【案例】宝马G30改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂案例 韩国代理分享

AIRBFT气动避震网站介绍:【案例】宝马G30改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂案例 韩国代理分享,韩国是一个岛国,但是经济体系高度发达。韩国的改装文化也是非常深远,AIRBFT韩国代理每年订购超过1000套悬挂套件,对车子进行改装,今天我们来欣赏韩国AIRBFT代理分享的宝马G30改装AIRBFT气动避震案例,看看以操控著称的宝马5系改装气动避震低姿态的魅力!
Airbft pneumatic suspension website introduction: [case] BMW G30 modified airbft pneumatic suspension case shared by South Korea agent. South Korea is an island country, but its economic system is highly developed. The refitting culture in South Korea is also very far-reaching. The Korean agent of airbft orders more than 1000 sets of suspension kits every year to refit the car. Today, let's enjoy the case of BMW G30 refitting airbft pneumatic shock absorbers shared by the Korean agent of airbft, and see the charm of the famous BMW 5 Series refitting pneumatic shock absorbers with low attitude!

Hellaflush style is a low for the United States, there is no minimum, only lower, only when you reach the extreme of a low lying, you can call it hellaflush, in a word, is the disappeared horizon, lying on the ground can not see the opposite light! There are few BMW G30 modification cases. After all, new cars are on the market, and they are not popular models. So it's lucky to see this case!

Three stage memory function, mobile app remote control, which is currently the favorite function of domestic players, is not only practical but also necessary for some ZB members. Airbft, as the earliest pneumatic shock absorber brand in China, has been creating a stable, practical and cost-effective pneumatic product for domestic players. At present, this is a new system launched by airbft at the end of 19 The price ratio of Ko foreign brands, so that domestic players also have their own hard core products!

这就是AIRBFT今天给大家介绍的【案例】宝马G30改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂案例 韩国代理分享的改装案例,喜欢AIRBFT气动避震的欢迎收藏我们网站,每日更新各种车型精彩改装案例。
BMW 5 series has been nearly half a century, and its first six generations have achieved success. In other words, the seventh G30 will come at a turning point, especially when the industry is more competitive than ever before. But Bavaria's carmaker has announced it will be faster, lighter, more fuel efficient, more complex and easier to drive than the model it replaces.
This is the [case] that airbft introduced to you today, BMW G30 modified airbft pneumatic suspension case, which was shared by the Korean agent. If you like airbft pneumatic suspension, you are welcome to collect our website, and update the wonderful modification cases of various models every day.

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