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【BMW】宝马E60改装案例鉴赏 AIRBFT气动避震装车效果



简介:【BMW】宝马E60改装案例鉴赏 AIRBFT气动避震装车效果

As soon as the refitting is deep as the sea, we will never return. Many people say that the refitting is played by rich people, but in fact, the refitting is played by people with dreams and pursuits. There are no rules and directions for refitting. Once you embark on the refitting Road, your life will be brilliant! Today, we share the low lying charm of the modified pneumatic suspension of BMW E60. For this classic BMW 5 series, which has been nearly 20 years, we can meet or not. Let's appreciate the effect of installing airbft pneumatic suspension on BMW E60!

The fifth generation BMW 5 series with chassis code E60 is Chris Bangor's 5 series. He has been BMW's design director since 1992. Bangor led BMW's design team in 2001 to launch the fourth generation of BMW 7 Series (E65), an unprecedented attempt to bold design. At that time, it was not favored by people, but now it has become one of the most classic models of BMW!

It's really a very avant-garde idea to design such a streamline and style in the 1990s. Up to now, we can't see any old style. It's definitely a perfect modification of BMW! The low attitude of refitting pneumatic shock absorber is also perfect!

Refitting pays attention to one low cover one hundred ugliness, for some old cars, a small change will be more attractive! Perfect card edge posture, perfect embodiment of hellaflush style!

Airbft pneumatic shock absorption function introduction:
1. Four wheel independent lifting, front and back independent lifting, overall lowering, adjustable cylinder pressure, air pump working setting;
2. Three stage memory, mobile app, automatic ignition up, automatic low lying, support Chinese, English and other languages.
3. Taiwan genuine 32 segment damping soft and hard adjustable shock absorber.
4. Adopt V360 high power ultra quiet air pump to charge faster and quieter
5. With airbft special airbag, the comfort and handling have reached the best effect of the same level.
6. With LCD digital air pressure display, the car is installed without damage, and the pressure of four airbags and gas cylinders is monitored at any time, which is safer.
The classic BMW interior is still in use up to now, which shows the power of this family's traditional design style! More models are modified with low lying cases of pneumatic shock absorbers. Pay attention to the airbft pneumatic shock website!

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