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AIRBFTsuspension 豪华气动避震品牌-官方网站





On airbft's official website of aerodynamic shock absorber: [case] modern Yasser refits airbft's aerodynamic shock absorber to suspend the low attitude of populism. Airbft pneumatic shock website updates the latest modification consulting trends every day, and all kinds of wonderful pneumatic shock modification cases are shared for you, like to pay attention to our website! Let's enjoy the charming posture of the modified airbft air suspension by modern Yasser!

AIRBFT 控制系统*1套
AIRBFT 液晶遥控器*1个
AIRBFT V360静音气泵*1台
AIRBFT 水雾分离器*1个
AIRBFT 3加仑鱼雷气罐*1个
AIRBFT 高压气管(8mm)*20米
AIRBFT 整车接头*1套
AIRBFT 专用电源线*1根
AIRBFT 气动避震桶身*1套
List of airbft pneumatic shock absorbers:
Airbft control system * 1 set
Airbft LCD remote control * 1
Airbft V360 mute air pump * 1 set
Airbft water mist separator * 1
Airbft 3-gallon torpedo gas tank * 1
Airbft high pressure gas pipe (8mm) × 20m
Airbft vehicle connector * 1 set
One special power cord for airbft
Airbft pneumatic shock bucket body * 1 set

Beijing modern "Yashente" car has the qualities of high power, high comfort, high safety, low fuel consumption, low emission, beautiful appearance and excellent technology. Yasser is an economic model tailored for the "conservation oriented well-off society". In terms of external dimensions, power, safety and comfort, it has completely deduced the "Populism" under the "conservation oriented well-off society": in the conservation oriented well-off society, fashion is not lack of calm, compact but comfortable economic model. The prototype car of Yasser is the sixth generation of Hyundai access in South Korea. It adopts a more round design in the appearance and the overall line is very smooth. The seat in the driver's seat of Yashente adopts 8-way adjustment, with the wheelbase reaching 2500mm, and the rear passengers' legs and head space are also relatively ample.

[case] modern Yasser refits airbft pneumatic shock absorbers and suspends the refitting and sharing of populist low attitude. For more wonderful refitting cases, please call: 18521001113
Airbft pneumatic shock absorption factory has been committed to the development and testing of pneumatic suspension, with independent development and testing capabilities. The development speed of new models is fast. At present, there are more than 1200 types of vehicles for loading and testing, with sufficient stock and strength. There are more than 300 domestic cooperation stores, and agents in Europe, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and other regions. Welcome to join us!

·【案例鉴赏】奥迪A4气动避震改装时尚低趴风姿 ·丰田YARIS改装AIRBFT空气避震姿态案例 马来西亚代理分
·【精品案例】奔驰GLC改装AIRBFT气动避震姿态 马来西亚 ·“ 全球首台”双龙主席改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂案例
·【案例】劳恩斯BH改装空气避震悬挂低姿态鉴赏 ·【案例】宝马E46改装AIRBFT气动避震悬挂案例 韩国代理
·【改装鉴赏】起亚斯汀格改装气动避震悬挂案例 宽体低 ·【低趴风格】宝马G30改装AIRBFT空气避震悬挂姿态案例
·【到货】AIRBFT空气避震配套铝合金无缝鱼雷罐高压防爆 ·【AIRBFT】十代思域改装空气避震悬挂姿态案例 天津狂