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Airbft air shock website share: [case] modern eq900 modified airbft air shock case appreciation


The high-end model eq900l of Genesis, a luxury sub brand of Hyundai, is an extended version of G90 and positioned as a large-scale car. Its size exceeds that of Maybach S-class. It is also a brand-new flagship model of Genesis. The price is close to one million yuan, and it is expected to introduce domestic sales together with G90 in the future. This is the world's first modern eq900 modified airbft pneumatic suspension case. The modification effect is quite good. Korean airbft agent installation and sharing, let's appreciate its charm!


The new flagship model of Genesis brand, the Korean version is called eq900. But later exports to the rest of the world will be called G90. In the front part of the car, we can see the similarities between the eq900 and the current Jens. They all adopt the exaggerated hexagon big mouth design. Although many netizens say it looks like Audi. But from the last generation of ix35 to the new Tousheng, Sonata 9, they all adopt similar hexagonal air intake grille, which is a kind of family heritage, but the eq900 is bigger.


Eq900 is a standard D-class car. When you look at the front part of the car, you can feel its arrogance. A small camera and a square radar panel are hidden in the central network. The camera is much smaller than the current Jacobs, which is not easy to be found hidden in the central network, and its aesthetics is improved a lot.


Airbft pneumatic cylinder body is manufactured by Taiwan's shock absorption factory. Airbft pneumatic shock absorption operation center provides the most accurate installation position data, customizes the pneumatic cylinder body, and 100% guarantees the special vehicle. Each model of airbft pneumatic shock absorption has been strictly tested and adjusted, with accurate installation position and perfect comfort, so that players can try their best to pursue the ultimate posture at the same time Force for you to create a perfect comfort and control, so that pneumatic shock is not embroidered pillow, the real perfect practical. The newly launched nitrogen version of the shock tank body can achieve better effect, lower posture, better control and provide better refitting experience for the players after actual measurement and adjustment!


As the first flagship model under the brand-new high terminal brand genesis of modern automobile, eq900 not only devotes great efforts of modern automobile, but also has high expectations. The eq900 is very competitive in terms of product strength and the price announced by South Korea. But as a brand-new luxury car brand, how to persuade those demanding consumers to accept the car still needs some time to accumulate. At the same time, modern cars adopt mature designs on the eq900, striving not to make mistakes, but also hard to impress the heat. After several generations of changes, I hope to have a memorable classic design element.


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