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[modification case] attitude effect display of airbft pneumatic suspension installed in the 10th generation Accord

Airbft pneumatic shock website introduction: [refitting case] ten generations of accord installation airbft pneumatic shock suspension attitude effect display. Since its establishment in 2003, Dongfeng Honda has been standing in the Chinese market with its unique brand characteristics. It has been pursuing its dream and constantly surpassing itself for 16 years. Not only to provide consumers with trustworthy products, but also to create brands that can stir up their lives and burst their dreams. Honda Accord, as a mainstream model of Honda, is worthy of expectations. The release of the new accord has caused a new fashion frenzy. Today, we appreciate the posture charm of ten generations of accord modified pneumatic suspension.


With the rapid development of China's automobile market, the post-85 and post-90 young groups have become the main force of car purchase. They attach great importance to the shaping of self-image, pursue personality and fashion, and are eager to break through the boundaries, unwilling to follow the current. Accord (ACCORD) meets the needs of these people. It combines cool design, spacious space, surging power, futec advanced technology and many other advantages and highlights, becoming a new favorite of young consumers, and will be proud of the Chinese car market with a posture beyond the times.


[modification case] the posture effect display of airbft pneumatic suspension installed in the 10th generation Accord. For more models, please visit the modification case page on the official website, or contact our company's business wechat: airbft

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